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With a couple of hours of overtime to take I sneaksied away from work and took myself to Montreux. A funny place that is right on the lake and right on the mountains. There is a steep and slow train that can take to Roches De Naye at 1600m (1200m above Montreux). Thats great and all but it takes forever as its so steep and old.

I drove upto Caux with intention of finding some new trails and getting some climbing done aswell. The road up is Steep (with a capital S) and I was wondering how 750m in a single 36 tooth ring would feel. Parked up and had a sniff around. I managed to ‘explore’ (not find trail) for a while and check out the fancy housing and get a good workout..basically I got lost and pedalled up steep roads. I got a bit annoyed and climbed to a trail I knew. I was enjoying being in the mountains.

We have had a lot of rain recently so the first trail I rode was a slipfest. The terra firma is a lot different to what I ride most of the time, limestone and a clay based mud. Knocked a load of pressure out of tyres and that was much better. I love the grip of the 2.35 Swampthing up front with sliddy but surprisingly grippy Crossmark in the rear.  Managed to find a more defined singletrack which had been ‘downhilled’ with some fun jumps and shortcuts. Great, slippery fun indeed!

I didn’t want to drop all the way down so climbed back up to car for 45 mins. Sweaty. I then found the trail I had been looking for which turned out to be triple ace. Flowy, traverseville with roots and fun-ness attached. There was a new DH section in progress which I rode. To be completed but very well built and stunning location.

Down a direct trail that was SO dark  and into the , as named by Arska Sarimaki, ‘Anal Gorge’. Its quite, quite a place with waterfals, rocks and greeness. Up and down, tricky sectiosn, hard pedals etc, etc and into Old Town Montreux. Lovely. Much more time to be spent here I think.