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A headcam from a top 30 rider giving it some. Doesn’t have the final 2 mins of pedaling on it


Some pics of me from Alain and Quentin from EnduroTribe

Muddy, muddy, muddy and limestone(y). Made me nervous not being able to walk up parts of the track. It’ll be reet

I am starting to realise the difficulties of having quite a busy races schedule and getting ‘stuff’ done.

The breakage of frame meant getting the Orange Patriot working with all bits from other frame. Quite a few hours fiddling with that, tyre changes for the mudfest, riding it to find out the chain is too short etc…combining that with a big road ride with Jerry taking in 1200m of up, 70km of distance over 2hrs 45 mins with horrendous weather, trying to socialise a bit and doing my best to be a fianceè. Also worrying about getting insurance for the race this weekend, passport to goto France, having to go and sign in the night before has caused more stress than I wished for.

So. Enduro Series..its the premiere series in France with all the names attending and 4 races. Metabief, Allos, Vars and Valloire. Metabief being situated just 45 mins from is handy but is one of the slipperiest places known to me. Limestone AND clay and a full week of torrential rain is going to be extremely tough! Wetscream on the front and a swampthing on the rear should make it survivable. Although using the lift to get up they try and pack in as much racing as possible. 2 tracks on Saturday, raced 3 times each (around the 8 min mark) and 1 track raced 3 times on Sunday.

I’m a little nervous but after riding the Patriot for a bit yesterday am actually glad of its burly, business like nature. Super slack due to short shock and simple design will help. Also, my British constitution in mud might help.

Sign on and course walk tonight. Bring it.