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Viddy clicky

Its good AND I am in it gor about 2 x 2 secs. 😉 Skip the French chat.


Shakey Cam

I managed to get myself on a pretty cool video from with regards to the MaxiAvalanche in Samoens. Mostly my buttocks though.

Video Clicky

Good picture coming into field of certain slipperyness. Spot the guy in green and orange in the background? He will take me out in about 2 mins. B A STARD! 🙂

A headcam from a top 30 rider giving it some. Doesn’t have the final 2 mins of pedaling on it


Some pics of me from Alain and Quentin from EnduroTribe

The taster (consider it a Flamm Kucken rather than a Olive on a stick) from the TP team is available for your viewing pleasure:

Notice the raw talent, good looks and hefty ears in there 🙂

The world premiere of 51 seconds of your life:

A video in the trees

Candide Thorvex. Wow!

Sorry Anthill but LifeCycles is the first.

Check out the BroHomo at the start but don’t let that put you off. The riding/shooting looks to be another benchmark production (intill LifeCycles):

Follow Me (should have been called ‘Chase Me’  to really capture the BroLoving at the start)

Some videos from some rides/events from summer 2009

The Trans Provence. The Definitive All Mountain Event. 2009 from robert hamilton-smith on Vimeo.

Fritz does Torgon, SuperEnduro from robert hamilton-smith on Vimeo.

Hans, Jurgen and Fritz> The Railway Boys from robert hamilton-smith on Vimeo.

Hans, Jurgen and Frity: Taken from behind! from robert hamilton-smith on Vimeo.

Trans-Provence from robert hamilton-smith on Vimeo.