Off we went with good intentions and clear ideas of new places. Results = new places but not quite what we set out to do.

Early doors turned into normal doors combined with some gear issues then combined with some lack of mountain craft with ‘didn’t bring a map’ meant we got within spitting distance of our peak but no descent. Oh well..we had a great day out, skied Phantom Couloir and ventured into a valley I had never been in before and got some incredible views and stretched our lungs at altitude.

The mountains between Verbier’s Mont Fort and Arolla are big. And the ones behind that are even bigger. Inspiration that had me pouring over the maps later. So many things to do.

Snow was good, company excellent and some new found confidence to lead from Kate. Prize = Phantom Couloir which, although skied out, was a great run down. We headed up to Col De Prafleuri, skied down then back up via a very sunny and pretty skin. That was not supposed to be the route but it worked out well.

Doug had ‘an experience’ of touring. Just goes to show that its not about fitness or skiing ability but preperation and personal responsibility. Have your kit sorted, if its not good suck it up and listen to those who know (Risers on a touring ski make things easier for example). We all have bad days but the point is to learn from them. Fair play to him for making it through what must have been a bad time!

A mellow ski down through good snow with the smell of beer and food on the horizon. The area where we skied, company and the experience is what made today.